Testing with Arquillian

Integration tests with Arquillian are great. Check the link below:



20 Things That Java Developers Must Concentrate On!

 The term ‘java developer’ covers a wide range of candidates. It starts with fresh graduates looking for jobs and goes up till experienced Java Enterprise Edition developers.

The language has also evolved and grown over the past decade or so. It has gained importance in various platforms. As a result, there are a wide range of concepts and skills that Java developers must posses in order to be important in the industry.

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10 Most Popular Java Based CMS

CMS is the short form that is used in place of the term content management system and this is a very effective software which provides a very easy and simple way of using a website. It helps to use the administrating and authoring tools and this is for those users who do not have a lot of knowledge about the tactics of web programming or all the types of markup languages.

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500 Free eBooks On Programming!

Here we bring to you an uncategorized list ebooks on programming which are available for free download. The list covers books on all major programming languages including Ada, Assembly, C, C#, C++, CGI, JavaScript, Perl, Pascal, Haskell, Java, Lisp, PHP, Prolog, Python, Ruby, and many more. It also includes books on game programming and software engineering. So scroll down, pick, download, read and have fun!

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32 Free eBooks On Java Programming!

Java is an object-oriented programming language developed in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. The language has become one of the most popular programming languages in the world (ranked no.2 as per TIOBE Programming Community Index, no.1 on JobsTractor). The language is platform independent, which means that programs made for Mac OS X can run on Windows and Linux, and vice versa. This feature is one of the reasons why Java is the go-to language for most enterprise applications.

Demand for Java programmers is exceptionally high, and most of the senior developer positions require a working knowledge of Java and/or C. So are you willing to polish your Java skills? We bring to you 32 ebooks on Java programming and that too all free! 

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