Offensive programming

Have you ever had an application that just behaved plain weird? You know, you click a button and nothing happens. Or the screen all the sudden turns blank. Or the application get into a “strange state” and you have to restart it for things to start working again.

If you’ve experienced this, you have probably been the victim of a particular form of defensive programming which I would like to call “paranoid programming”. A defensive person is guarded and reasoned. A paranoid person is afraid and acts in strange ways. In this article, I will offer an alternative approach: “Offensive” programming.

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Java memes which refuse to die

There are a number of Java memes which annoy me, partly because they were always a bad idea, but mostly because people still keep picking them up years after there is better alternatives.

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5 things Usability is NOT

Usability, IMHO, is the single most important factor in making or breaking a product. No matter how good efficient your code is, if it’s not usable, your software will just fail.

 In this blog, are covered 5 misinterpretations of usability that come across in real life situations.

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Top 8 Diagrams for Understanding Java

A diagram is sometimes worth 1000 words. The following diagrams are from Java tutorials on Program Creek, they have received the most votes so far. Hopefully, they can help you review what you already know. If the problem is not clear by the diagram itself, you may want to go to each article to take a further took.

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